Now on DVD!
November 4, 2003
The Complete Master Works - Tenacious D... For the first time ever, here's the Tenacious D-VD
Buy it now at amazon !

Come Poop With Me - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog... This new release comes with a CD & a DVD featuring a bunch of great artists. JB is staring on two tracks on the CD & also on the DVD.
Buy it now at amazon !
Eight Crazy Nights... OK, I know this movie is'nt staring Jack Black. BUT, In the movie there's a song (Chanuka Song Part 3)... AND, in that song Sandler is singing about other artists who are Jews... AND, one of the artist he named in it is JACK BLACK......TADAM !!! ...Oh!, and you can also buy it at amazon :p

October 13, 2003
JB believes without a doubt that Colin Farrell is the wrong choice to play Ozzy Osbourne.In fact when he heard Farrell was being touted to play the mad metal musician in an upcoming film, Black told Sharon Osbourne on “The Sharon Osbourne Show” to think again.

You have any doubts about this? Look at this picture from a commercial made for the reality show "The Osbournes".

Rad Brad, Modern Warrior
October 10, 2003
In this movie, that should be released by the end of 2004, JB plays the world's greatest video game player who is recruited by the government to battle an evil robot.

School of Rock
October 3, 2003
It's now in theaters!!! YEEEAAAAHH!!!
I just saw it and I have to say it's the best comedy of all time.

Take a look at the two followings links for a bunch of cool stuff !!!

-Thanks to Miles from Go Marketing and to Nick from Buzztone

Run Ronnie Run !
September 16, 2003
Run Ronnie Run! is now available on DVD...For real this time...
Buy it now at amazon !

July 9, 2003
Sorry... I've been really busy for the last few months, so here's the latest news that I havent put on the site yet.

New Movies... Tenacious D & Anchor Man

Finally The D will be on the big screen. The name of this great movie will be "Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny" and it will be release in 2005. Also starring in the movie will be Liam Lynch, who just released his new CD "Fake Songs".

Also, another movie have just been announced. "Anchor Man: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" will star Will Ferrel and Vince Vaughn (Who both starred in Old School). For now JB is supposed to be in this movie but for now he's uncredited.

New Links: Sharkslayer, Envy, Melvin...
There is now 3 new links for some official websites: Sharkslayer that will be released on November 5th 2004, Envy that is comming to theaters on August 22nd 2003, and Melvin Goes To Dinner that is opening on July 11th but only in selected theaters, but it will be released on home video in December 2003.

Still, some links have been removed cause they didn't work anymore. ( Cable Guy, Cradle Will Rock, Saving Silverman, and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.)

New Music video Appearence
JB is in the new Foo Fighters music video, LOW... You just have to WATCH IT. You can also play the LOW game on the official Foo Fighters site.

-Thanks to 7 Jours Magazine, Liam Cullin, & FOOFIGHTERS.COM

Heat Vision & Jack
December 1, 2002

It's seems like Heat Vision & Jack are finally getting the attention they deserve. In fact, The Long Beach Press Telegram reported today that several networks have shown interest in creating a TV show built around the failed-pilots concept.

School of Rock
November 29, 2002

Finally we know what the movie is about. School of Rock, which begins shooting this week, is directed by Richard Linklater and centers on down-and-out rocker Dewey Finn (Jack Black), who has been fired from his band and is deep in debt. In order to pay his rent, Dewey poses as his substitute-teacher roommate (Mike White) and begins teaching a fifth-grade class. Hoping to win prize money offered at a local band contest, Dewey decides to form a rock band with the kids in the class. Also in the cast, Joan Cusack, will play Principal Mullins.
-Thanks to Neil aka Scooby

Ice Age
November 26, 2002

Ice Age is now available on DVD...
Buy it now at amazon !

Shallow Hal
November 19, 2002

I just came back from a trip in Paris, it seems like the dubbed french version over there is not the same as in North America. In Europe it's "L'Amour Extra-Large" and in North America it's "Hal le Superficiel".
-Thanks to Vanessa

The New Foon
October 25, 2002

According to Paramount, a new movie starring Jack Black would appear in theaters in August 2003. This comedy would be about a glitzy magician who goes into rehab and is replaced by an incompetent lookalike. JB may also make his producing debut with this film.

The A-Team
October 18, 2002

According to Dark Horizons, JB might be up for the role of Capt. "Howling Mad" Murdock from the popular 80's TV serie, The A-Team, starring Mr.T. However, casting has not begun yet. They don't even have a script that they are happy with.
-Thanks to Neil aka Scooby

Do That to Me One More Time
October 8, 2002
This would be a new JB movie, but he's not only acting in it, he would produce it... Also in the production team would be Robert Simonds (Joe Dirt, Little Nicky). According to J.Roskin from, the script would be about A Sonny and Cher-style couple who despise each other and have a "War of the Roses"-type relationship. Nothing is official for now...
-Thanks to D. R. Unks

School of Rock
October 5, 2002
Another movie with JB. We don't know yet what it's about and JB is the only one in the casting for now. Filming is scheduled to start in November 2002 in L.A.

September 30, 2002

JB costars with Ben Stiller.
Nick (Black) and Tim (Stiller) are lifelong friends, until Nick comes up with an invention that earns him bazillions of dollars. Tim becomes very jealous.
Also in the cast are:
• Rachel Weisz (The Mummy Returns)
• Christopher Walken (Sleepy Hollow)
• Ving Rhames (M:I2)
• And many more...

September 23, 2002

JB will give his voice once again in another animation. After Ice Age he will now play Lenny in Sharkslayer. Release is dated for November 19, 2004.

The sea underworld is shaken up when the son of the shark mob boss is found dead and a young fish named Oscar (Will Smith) is found at the scene. Being a bottom feeder, Oscar takes advantage of the situation and makes himself look like he killed the finned mobster. Oscar soon comes to realize that his claim may have serious consequences.

Also in the cast are:
• Will Smith (MIB II)
• Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider)
• Renée Zellweger (Bridget Jones's Diary)
• Martin Scorsese
(Bringing Out the Dead)
• James Gandolfini (The Sopranos)

Run Ronnie Run !
September 22, 2002
I finally saw Run Ronnie Run! I think it was a great movie...Verry funny even if you never watched Mr.Show. I don't understand why NewLine Cinema wont' release it.

-Thanks to sideshow15

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